Palette Functions

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Palette Functions


void set_color(int num, int rgb);
     Set the specified color (0-511) to the given rgb-value.
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void set_color_rgb(int num, char r, char g, char b);
     Set the specified color to the given rgb component
     values. This function is easier to use than set_color(),
     but it is slower.


int get_color(int num);
     Retrieve the rgb-value of the specified color.


void load_palette(char pal_num, int *pal, char nb_pal);
     Load one or more 16-color palette-blocks at once.
     'pal_num' is the index of the first block (0-31)
     to load, and 'nb_pal' the number of block.
     This function can be used to load palette defined
     using #defpal or included with #incpal directive.


void set_sprpal(char pal_num, int *pal);
void set_sprpal(char pal_num, int *pal, int nb_pal);
     Exactly the same function has load_palette(),
     but this function offers direct access to sprite
     palette-blocks. Sprite palette-blocks are
     standard block number 16 to 31, but with this function
     you can simply access them with indexes 0 to 15.
     This function and set_bgpal() function make sprite
     and character palette-blocks manipulation easier;
     with them you don't have to know the real block indexes.
     Without the third arguments, the function loads
     only one block.


void set_bgpal(char pal_num, int *pal);
void set_bgpal(char pal_num, int *pal, int nb_pal);
     Same function as set_sprpal() but for character