Operand Syntax

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        Operand syntax

        A        accumulator
        #i       immediate
        #i,<n    immediate and zero page                | TST/SMB/RMB
        #i,<n,X  immediate and zero page indexed by X   | TST
        #i,<n,r  immediate, zero page and relative      | BBS/BBR
        #i,n     immediate and absolute                 | TST
        #i,n,X   immediate and absolute indexed by X    | TST
        <n       zero page
        <n,X     zero page indexed by X
        <n,Y     zero page indexed by Y
        <n,r     zero page and relative                 | BBRi/BBSi
        [n]      indirect (*)
        [n,X]    indirect pre-indexed by X (*)
        [n],Y    indirect zero page post-indexed by Y
        r        relative                               | BRA/BSR/Bcc
        n        absolute
        n,X      absolute indexed by X
        n,Y      absolute indexed by Y
        n,n,n    source, destination, length            | TAI/TIA/TII/TIN/TDD

        (*) can be zero page or absolute
        Note: 'n' is a numeric value.